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Nuni weisz

Born in Venezuela (grew up) in Isreal

Living and working in Tel-Aviv

I want to have a yellow center like a soft boiled egg

and hyperlink my thoughts ,

like a junction or a crossword puzzle, all as an associative nonlinear method to an ongoing process.

any point will be a good start.

we live inside ourself, and see upside down, then the brain turns it around for us.

absorbing information from the environment, its not merely a picture of the world as it falls on the retina.

but rather an interpretation system, using all prior knowledges acquired to find meanings, digesting it to sum thing new that will feed itself once more and turn into attempts at understanding.




2014 - 2017 -Bachelor of Fine Art HKU-Utrecht School of the Arts - Netherlands   

2008 - 2010 -Animation study - Minshar for Arts - Isreal

Solo Exhibitions 

2021  -Hippocampus, Horses and sea monsters 2 Bitte - Takt Leipzig 

2018  -Pink marshmallow party,Moira expositieruimte, Utrecht

          -Hippocampus, Horses and sea monsters, Bitte - Takt, Berlin 

          -Gravitating Towards Inner Logic - TAC, Eindhoven 

2017  -Gravitating Towards Inner Logic - EXbunker, Utrecht

          -Components for an acoustic environment - Museum het Valkof                                 and Galerie Bart, Nijmegen


Group Exhibitions 

2020   -The secret garden of Agnon - Agnon house - Jerusalem

2019   -Sounds to see - Sign -Groningen

2018   -10 year - Knustpodium T, Tilburg

            -Bunkerexpositie  # 35 - Bunker v192, The Hague

          -Something lost, Tapir Gallery,Takt, Berlin

          -Momentum - Academie Galerie, Utrecht 

          -See Overleaf - Beautiful Distress, Amsterdam

2017  -Best of Apprentice Master - Knustpodium T, Tilburg

          -Transplant -  Apprentice Master - Kunstpodium T, Tilburg

Artist in Residence

2021   -Takt Leipzig

2018   -Takt Berlin 

           -The Fifth Season - Residency in psychiatry, Den Dolder 


2017  -Jan Naaijkensprijs
          -Stokroos Foundation - HKU stipendium 2017

          -Nominee - K.F. Hein Fonds

          -Nominee - Jan Zumbrink Prijs


2020  -De reeks 

2017  -Nieuwe Oogst 2017- Galerie Bart 
          -Metropolis M - EINDEXAMENS 2017


2019  -K.F.Hein Fund - Design of the Gaudeamus International

Composers Award.

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