plan of exinhition
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Hippocampus: horses and see monsters, bitte.

at the beginning all houses were turtles1.
and i could recognize your sneeze in an antique store.

you know that every time you recall a memory

you are actually disrupting it?

(don't make noise between 2-4!)

you said that handkerchief drop their grandparents

when they take their phone out of their pocket.

and that those who have cancer die of cancer,

unless they drown in the sea.

i asked the guard if its alloud to hug the white marble statute?

and he said they are closing in five minuets.

afterwords we went to the beach

where the unknown unknown went missing,

(because images enjoy being cut out of books)


1.Testudines: (Turtle, tortoise, and terrapin) date back 157 million years ago, 

and are more archaic than snakes and crocodilians.